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Commercial Loans Using Real Estate click on and Fill out the form  below            


Fill In On Line Application               

Fill In Profit & Loss              

1003 application Investor Loan      


Addendum to the Utah  Real Estate  Contract           

Real Estate Offer Utah           

HUD 1 Fill ON LINE                  

Borrower Name _______________________________________________________________



Type of property________________________________________________________________

Description of property___________________________________________________________


-How many units

-Purchase price (state PP even if request is for a refinance)

-If re-fi, Purchase date

-If re-fi, sunk (hard cost) rehab amount spent to date?

-Rehab amount or construction budget if ground-up (this means future rehab amount)?

-Expansion, addition or change of use (Y/N)?

-Is it Ground-up (please state if it's a teardown)?

-If Ground-up, permits (Y/N)?

-After Repair Value?

-As Is Value?

-How many fix/flips (or holds with rehab) as a borrower in 3 years?

-How many lifetime?

-How many similar rehab and ARV to subject deal?

-If Ground-up, how many ground-ups lifetime (as a borrower on title)?

-If Ground-up, how many ground-ups of similar size/scope to the subject deal?

-Is borrower a licensed General Contractor (GC)?

-Is borrower a licensed realtor?

-FICO estimate?

-Have had a Bankruptcy, Foreclosure or Mortgage Late in 5 years?

-BK or FC lifetime?

-Any large liens, judgements, or serious felonies that you know of?


-Monthly rent estimate (if refi or flexible exit)

-If re-fi, pay-off?

-Are they current on the pay-off?

-Other important details:

-Is the property rural?

-Is the deal arm’s length (any pre-existing relationship b/w seller and buyer)?

-Is there a wholesaler?

-What is the wholesaler's contract price?

-Is this a condo conversion? If so, is it zoned/approved for condo/s?

-Is the borrower a foreign national?

-If so, do they have two ficos, credit history and proof they'll be in the US for loan life?

-Anything else we should know?  

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