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$20k - $250k

Business 12-month credit line 4% and 2 points % 6.1 apr. 740 ficos

No Real Estate Collateral Required

Credit score above 680

Zero Interest with our Business Promotional product 740 fico

We offer zero interest money for up to a year with our Affiliate Program

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The best way to get Private Money is to call 310.713.7194 or 208.851.2003

Commercial Loans & Private Money Bridge Niche Loan Programs Reinvented By Hard Money Ventures LLC No Doc Commercial loans up to 100% LTV

We Joint Venture on LIHTC

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Hard Money Ventures is focused on providing money to "Real Estate Owners", and we strive to do all we can to meet your expectations. No job requirement, no income requirement, no Credit requirement, and Bad credit and BK is fine. Most hard money loans require 25% down to purchase or you must have more than 25% equity to refinance. Niche loans where you can show assets and, wish to repair and flip real estate can be done with 10% down case by case.


Private Money, and a variety of commercial mortgage loans up to 90% LTV, and we're sure you'll be happy working with us. We answer our phones and answer your questions, so please feel free to contact us. We make our money by funding loans, and so we provide a win/win for people just like you. We share the same goal and that is to get you money. We are solution based. Text 208.851.2003 to leave your name and message. Creative out of the box private money lending for Real Estate Loans in first mortgage position


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Specializing in Idaho and Utah



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if you are a client and contracted with a term sheet email below.

1890 S 3850 W Salt Lake City UT, 84104 Suite 12

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